Cats and Coffee: Our Community Cats

At our last "Cats & Coffee" virtual meeting, we spoke about community cats and resources available to help care for them. Community cats are defined as outdoor, unowned, and free roaming cats. The cats could be adult, kittens, feral, friendly, healthy, sick, altered and/or unaltered. These cats are the only cats that do not have owners, so it is important to know how to distinguish a community cat versus an indoor/outdoor cat. 

We also talked about the difference between stray and feral cats. Feral cats will not approach and will likely seek hiding places to avoid people. These cats will not meow, beg, or purr.  

Stray cats on the other hand, may approach people, houses, porches, or cars. They may also be vocal, meow, or “answer” your voice.  

To learn more about cat colonies, community cats, and to help you distinguish the difference between feral and stray cats, information and resources are provided to the public through many animal rescued groups: 

Humane Network 

Humane Society 

Neighborhood Cats 

Alley Cats Allies provides a free downloadable visual chart booklet in their website! 

Information on cat rescue groups and TNR programs for community cats: 

All about Purrs 

The Animal Foundation 


Nothin’ but Love Cat and Kitten Rescue 

Community Cat Coalition of Clark County 

The Community Cats Podcast 

Books to read: 

We host a virtual meetup called "Cats & Coffee" every 3rd Thursday of the month. Our next meeting is April 15th at 6pm. You can register here.

Happy Reading!