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"No-Pressure" Senior Book Club: May

Our "No-Pressure" Senior Book Club  meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.  Questions?  Contact Cristi Burroughs at . Our next  virtual meeting on Zoom  will be  May 19th  and we'll be discussing  " A Long Petal of the Sea " by Isabel Allende . You can download the eBook or eAudio from  Libby . We want our senior patrons to feel welcome joining the discussion -  no pressure! Even if you haven't had a chance to read the chosen title for the month, or perhaps you've been reading a different title you'd like to share with the group.  We hope this will be a great opportunity  for everyone to connect with each other in  conversation to  share stories and experiences.

Craft Kit: Spice World Kits

Join us on a flavor trip as we explore different spices from around the world. We're releasing a monthly Spice World Kit to showcase each spice! Each monthly kit includes: Sample of the featured spice Pamphlet on the history of the spice, ingredients and uses, and a recipe or two Look out at the end of each month for a new kit. Our lineup of spices include: May 24: Furikake Seasoning (Japan) June 28: Jamaican Jerk Seasoning (Jamaica) July 26: BBQ Rub (United States) August 30: Garam Masala (India) Supplies are limited, so get your Spice World Kit while they last!

Craft Kit: Mandala Rock Painting

Get creative and meditative at the same time! Painting mandala on rocks is a nice way to find a sense of calmness. Starting Wednesday, May 19 , pick up your Mandala Rock Painting Kit: rock  4 paints paintbrush stencil pamphlet about the history of Mandalas and how to paint a dot Mandala Get your kit at Paseo Verde, Gibson, or Green Valley locations while supplies last!

Book Recommendations: AAPI Heritage Month

We're celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!  Dating back to 1979, where a Presidential proclamation w as made by President Carter  that May 4 th  would be the start of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Week. That week would celebrate the contributions made to American society and culture  from Asian/Pacific Americans. In May 1990 that week was extended to a full month of acknowledg ing the contributions from  Asian/Pacific Americans  to arts, entertainment, science, and government and commerce.  Please enjoy this short list of recommended reads!    Fiction/Nonfiction   The Good Immigrant  by Nikesh Shukla   Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu   Spellbound: a graphic memoir by Bishakh Som   Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye: A journey by Marie  Mutsuki Mockett   Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong   Young Adult    Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy  Ribay   Love boat  Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen   A Pho Love Story by Loan Le   We are

Cats and Coffee: Senior Cats

  “What greater gift than the love of a cat.”   – Charles Dickens  I'm FELINE fine!  In our last Cats & Coffee meeting, we discussed the importance of senior cat awareness. Learning the different resources for senior cat care is essential for a happy and comfortable life. Remember, cats start to show signs of aging around seven years.    Make sure to talk to your veterinarian if you start seeing any unusual changes in your senior cat, as cats are masters of hiding pain.  Some helpful online resources to understand the physical and mental changes in your senior cat and how to care for them.  Cornell Feline Health Center  - Excellent website for feline health information.  Basepaws  - Dedicated to research on cats DNA, owners are able to learn their pets breed, health and even their whole genome sequencing.   Pets WebMD  - Providing health information to the community and their pets.  The Spruce Pets  - A website where practical, real-life tips and training advice information is

Craft Kit: Star Wars

  In honor of May the 4th Be With You!, we're celebrating our love of a galaxy far, far away with a new craft kit: Star Wars comic book decoupaged wooden frame!  Click here to download the Star Wars frame instructions. Beginning  Monday, May 3rd  at 10am, i nterested adults can  s top by any of our libraries to  pick up a kit, while s upplies last. Limit one per adult.  Made for crafters of all levels,  each one of our adult craft kits contain step-by-step guides and  various supplies needed for  the craft's creation.  We hope you’ll have fun with the creative process and enjoy your handmade results.  We'd also love to see your finished craft! Share it using #hendersonlibraries in your Instagram posts or stories, or you can share photos on our Facebook post.