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Craft Kit: Mystic

  After 2020 we are all looking for ways to improve our lives and appreciate the goodness around us. This past year forced us to slow down and take stock in what we have and where we want to go in the future. It was a pivot point for many to stop their busy routines and just be. This simple kit and guidebook are an invitation into the mystic and mysterious things around us. The tapestry of the heavens and the power of the elements each offer some insight, if we are willing to listen. Consider your goals, motivations and inspirations for 2021. Are you beginning a new journey or chipping away at a long-time passion? Have you changed perspectives or rooted further into your calling? Either way, a little magic might help ground you. This kit includes: ·           2021 Moon Phase Calendar ·          Natal Chart Introduction and DIY Page ·          A Clear Quartz Crystal ·          Himalayan Pink Salt ·          Tassel Bookmark ·          Simple Cleansing Practices ·          Setting

Craft Kit: Inspirational Flip Desk Calendar

Click here to download the Inspirational Flip Desk Calendar Tutorial Made for crafters of all levels,  each one of our adult craft kits contain step-by-step guides and  various supplies needed for  the crafts’ creation. Hopefully you’ll have some o f the basic craft supplies that may not be included in the kits  such as a pencil, ruler, or a hole punch. We hope you’ll have fun with the creative process and enjoy your handmade results.  We'd also love to see your finished craft! Share it using #hendersonlibraries in your Instagram posts or stories, or you can share photos on our Facebook post.  Interested adults can pick-up a Crafty Adults  Creative You!   craft kit at the Paseo Verde Library , Gibson Library , and the Green Valley library during  curbside pickup hours .  While supplies last. Please limit one kit per adult .