Cats & Coffee : Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens!

In our last meetup we learned that kitten season was upon us. Starting in late February, we see the rise of kittens being available for adoption in shelters and other animal organizations. If you were one of those people who adopted one of those lucky kittens, then you’re in for a treat! In their first year of life, kittens go through many growth stages. There are several resources available that can help you understand these growth stages.

Going to your local veterinarian is the most important resource that you can have for any pet. Your vet can explain those first year of life changes in your new kitten. They can also provide you with great reading resources and a kitten wellness check.  

Books that provide information on kitten care: 

Do you love taking pictures of your new family member? Cat photographer Andrew Marttila provides awesome tips and tricks in how to take great pictures of cats and kittens in his new book How to take Awesome Photos of Cats

If you prefer visual guides, provides a downloadable kitten progression chart for free. 

Hannah Shaw, The Kitten Lady, provides information of kitten care with her colorful pictures and videos on her website, kittenlady.orgHappy reading! 

Cats & Coffee is a virtual meet-up every 3rd Thursday of the month. Our next meeting is on April 15th @6pm. You can register at Cats and Coffee.