Craft Kit: Bullet Journal

Starting off the new year can be overwhelming. Why continue to set resolutions every year? Let's set some goals! Setting goals allows you to work on them throughout the year and you can track them in a journal. One way that you can track and monitor your goals is by working in a bullet journal.  

Designed by Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling is used with the intent to have an organized personal system. This system helps organize scheduling, reminders, to do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks in a notebook. Working on goals, it's good to create spreads that map out what you're working towards. One example is a habit tracker. A simple habit tracker keeps track of your goals for the year.        


Henderson Libraries is offering a bullet journal starter kit to help you get started! This kit offers the following essential materials: 

  • Journal 
  • Pen 
  • Ruler 
  • "How-To" pamphlet
Kits are available starting Monday, February 22nd at 10am via curbside pickup at our Gibson, Green Valley or Paseo Verde locations. Pick up your free kit while supplies last!